Chocolate Ceremony in An Son, Quảng Nam

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As a connoisseur of fine chocolate, your expert palate is tempted by superb ingredients and harmonious flavors. You can taste the difference between commercial candy and delectable artisan chocolate. You sense the quality that comes from decades of experience and the built-in respect for the process. We imagine you love to give chocolate as a gift as well as receive it, and genuinely appreciate real value and stellar service. That is why we have such high standards of excellence and put great care into what we do. You deserve the best. 


Kevin Buck

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Chocolate Ceremony in An Son, Quảng Nam
By: Richard Brummett ~ 5/14/2017

Several chocolatiers turned down my commission to make a mega bar for an obscure ceremony in a tiny village in Việt Nam. Kevin Buck and his crew, however, accepted the challenge immediately.

Yes, the Eighth Annual American Chocolate Ceremony in An Sõn, Quảng Nam, Viẹt Nam was more than usually successful due to the 12.5 kg (27.5lb) bar of Belgium goodness produced by Chocolate Necessities.

Their cheerful but businesslike approach overcame the technical issues in producing a product they had never had cause to make before.

Since the Ceremony increases in popularity every year I wonder how they would feel about making a 20kg bar?

~Richard Brummett