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Is Your Imagination ready for Our Chocolate

At Chocolate Necessities we are passionate and dedicated to providing each of our customers an experience that will excede expectations. High-quality chocolate is just the beginning. Our truffles are hand made with our process that takes two days to complete. We first start with our signature ultra smooth ganache (cream and chocolate) and let it cool overnight. The next day we cut and hand roll the truffles, dipping  them one at a time in Belgium's best couveture chocolate and then artistically decorate them... Wait a sec. You're not thinking of buying these are you?  Every step of the way we put love and care into our truffles process. SO FAIR WARNING, very very few chocolates can compare.

If you need a special order, please give us a call at 360-676-0589 or email us at

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Chocolate Bars
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Chocolate Chips
We have a great selection of fine chocolate from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a chocolate to bake with or to eat this is the place to be.
Sugar Free Chocolate
Sugar Free Chocolate

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16 Piece Truffle Box
A lovely assortment of 16 artisan truffles. Includes gift wrap and a ribbon.
In Stock!
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