Chocolate Truffles and Gelato | Chocolate Necessities Bellingham WA

Artisan Hand-made Chocolate & Authentic Gelato

Scrumptious Chocolate

Kings and Queens dream of the chocolates that are waiting for YOU in either of our locations.

Authentic Gelato

Try our authentic gelato, our gelato paninis, and more!  We use specialty, pure ingredients to make the best chocolate around.



Locally-owned and operated with 30 years of experience.
Our goal is to provide you with only the best in chocolate.


Artisan hand-made chocolate creates a Chocolate Moment you won't soon forget!!




 Our Happy Customers!


Chocolate Necessities has been a Bellingham staple for a long time, turning out the highest quality chocolate and truffles for many years. This location brings their legendary chocolate downtown and adds some delicious gelato to the mix. The people here are lovely and so is literally everything on the menu. The prices may seem a little steep but the quality is on point and you really do get what you pay for. Skip the cake shop next door and come in here for something truly special.



YUMMY!   Best Gelato in town.  Their drinking chocolate is spectacular (several kinds).  Fancy gift chocolates.  Our go-to dessert place.  If you want ice cream:  Get their gelato!! Nice tables to sit at, and enjoy the yummies!